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After a long period of uncertainty in the world, especially within the event industry; the space roof delivery took place. 

Actavo has been an active user of Prolyte products for a very long time. In addition to various trusses and a large stock of barriers, Actavo has had a Prolyte Tunnel roof for a long time already.


Now with the latest investment in the Space roof, Actavo is able to set the next steps in the upcoming events, festivals and shows in Ireland. 

The Space roof delivered to Actavo consists of four C52T towers with a coverage area of 26 x 16m and a clearance of 10m. By making optimal use of the aluminum keder profiles, a tech area of 4,14m deep has been created over the full width and depth, both backstage and in the sidestage. The roof is modular and can be built in several sizes and with the investment made at this moment, possible further growth of the roof was also taken into consideration.

The Space roof gives designers and riggers unprecedented possibilities, with an option to make a rigging point on every square meter. In addition, the roof structure with the Space frames lends itself to walk in, which makes working in this roof safe and easy.

The loading capacity is a massive 17 tonnes distributed in the roof and another 4 tonnes for the load of the PA.

Although the training and first build would usually take place on a location from either the customer or at the Prolyte premises, the Space roof was delivered immediately for a first event. The training, given by professional Prolyte trainers, was also a physical load-in for the roof. The first user, the Belsonic festival in Belfast, had made the site available a week earlier so that the Actavo team could be properly trained.

With the Space roof, Actavo is ready for the future!

"We are very happy and satisfied that we were able to make such a great product in still such an insecure time. With this roof, Actvao is ready for the future and we are there to support them!”- Eddie Slotboom